Note about Security

Southampton is a large city and we do get thefts along the river. My approach to security can be summarized as follows:

  • Almost all the valuable items are removed from Seatern: I have a big "grab bag" in which the equipment of any value is removed to my house when the boat is at the jetty. That includes items like the chart plotter/echo sounder, electric outboard throttle unit, tiller pilot and remote, portable VHF etc.
  • Only parts of the radio gear remain on board: (because of the aerial connections) and these are engraved on the back casing with my address as well as being immediately identified if used by the (factory defined) MMSI number and by Smartwater marking.
  • All lower value gear is ID marked: normally in at least two ways including engraving, none peelable labels, and Smartwater forensic ID marking. Items like the anchors are engraved.
  • Tohatsu outboard: Apart from the outboard locking bar, "Seatern" is painted either side of the cowling, and the cowl and engine have my house number and postcode engraved on them (by hand!) as well as being Smartwater marked.
  • Intruder Alarm and CCTV: Seatern has an intruder alarm and the jetty is covered by 24hr remotely recorded CCTV. Additional infra-red flood lighting allows HD images by night as well as in daylight. However the hope is to deter people from breaking in only to find there is nothing worth stealing.

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