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"Seatern Diaries"
...about a BayCruiser 20
(sail number 009)
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"Seatern" is:   a twenty foot BayCruiser ("BC20") built during 2013 in West Wales by designer Matt Newland's firm, Swallow Yachts, for me (Peter Taylor). The BC20 has:
  • centreboard and water ballast - a small draft
  • light weight carbon fibre masts and simple rig
  • outboard well ahead of the rudder
  • yawl/ketch rig - will sail under jib and mizzen
  • pretty, light weight epoxy/ply hull
....traditional looks but modern construction!

Using this web site:   most entries are marked as follows...
= notes on Seatern's build and equipment which might be of interest to others who own, or are thinking of owning, similar boats.
= diary or sailing log entries mainly of interest to me... Read them if you want to know where I went or what I had for lunch!
= notes on standing watch periods on Calshot Tower (from October 2015 when I joined the National Coastwatch Institution)... mainly of interest to me, but possibly to others interested in the NCI.
Why call her "Seatern"?   My favourite sailing dinghy is the Seafly ; I still own and sail one. Before Seatern I had a Lightning 368 single hander which I called Seabee (Cb is the meteorological abbreviation for Cumulonimbus, the thunderstorm cloud). I thought of calling my BC20 "Sea Swallow" but there is one called "Gwennol -y-môr" which I assume means that (or something similar). But sea swallow is a sailor's name for the tern - hence "Seatern"!
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