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What does wind speed in m/s really mean? One m/s is equal to 2 knots (nautical miles per hour) so 5 m/s is 10 knots. One knot is 15% more than 1 mph so 10 knots is a bit over 11 mph.
Why have the gauges gone blue? The gauges go blue if the temperature being displayed is below zero.
Why does the "Daily Precipitation" show about 0.3mm when it hasn't rained? One reason might be some morning dew which was enough to tip the rain gauge bucket - or I may have knocked the rain gauge while servicing it! How rain is measured is described on the "Explanation of Units" page.
It's drizzling outside so why does your weather station say it's dry? If the rain is too light it may not fill the rain gauge. How rain is measured is described on the "Explanation of Units" page.
Why don't you update the "latest weather" data more frequently? There are limits on the amount of data I can transmit over my broadband connection. However the time series graphs show the data at full time resolution.
Why don't the banner values refresh automatically on all the weather pages? If I set the page to update automatically your browser will keep downloading data all the time that page is open even if you are not viewing it - therefore only the "Latest Weather" page is set to update automatically
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