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I'm happy to take people I know sailing on Seatern...
however arranging to do so can be difficult because the days and times available depend on the tide times. The purpose of this page is that, if you fancy a sail, you can choose a day when the times suit you and then Contact Me to confirm the date is a possibility. Ideally I advise you to choose two or three alternative dates to allow for bad weather.
Click on Thumbnail What Dates are Available?: You need to consult my "Sailing Times Calendar". This looks like the picture (left) with days coloured in green if the tide is suitable for a short (upto 4 hours trip). You should choose one of these days the first time you come on Seatern. The key at the top of the table explains about the different lengths of trips and how to relate the times in columns (1) to (4) to when we need to start, and when we will plan to return. Click Here for a more detailed explanation of how the times and trip lengths relate to the times of the tides.
Click on Thumbnail How Many People?: Seatern is small! When sailing (rather than motoring) in addition to me there is ample space in the cockpit for another person. Two extra people is cramped but possible, especially if at least one of them has had some sailing experience. If everyone knows how to sail then three extra is possible although someone has to sit to leeward, on or in the cabin, or on the foredeck. On a warm day with light winds the foredeck is actually a very pleasant place to sit. If motoring (rather than sailing) then myself plus three extra people is no problem.
Click on Thumbnail Other Information: To access Seatern you need to be able to descend a short ladder (5 foot or less) from the jetty. You need to bring waterproofs and warm clothes - even if it is a hot day! I can provide a choice of lifejackets to be worn when on board. Toilet facilities consist of a small "bucket" kept in the cockpit or there is a "portaloo" in the cabin. There are tea and coffee making facilities and a small fridge.

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