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January to February 2014
Fitting Out
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The end of December 2013 through to February 2014 brought a spectacular series of storms. Some of the strongest winds experienced on the River Itchen coincided with storm surge tides, and houses near Priory Hard were flooded on St Valentines day night. Fitting out Seatern during this period was not easy and it took till the end of February.

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Winter gales
The day before Seatern was delivered there was a fierce gale. Within 2 days of delivery the next gale came through. Fortunately the large fender board I had installed worked well. Gales continued through January and February 2014 and the fender board gradually wore away at the jetty piles! Seatern survived with only a small nick on the port bow toe rail. (Photo album).

Fitting Out
I had agreed with Swallow Boats that I would fit the boat out with electrics etc. I obtained most of the instruments I needed in a single purchase in order to get a discount from the chandlers. SB fitted the mast top instruments, in order to run the wires through the mast, and also the through hull transducers for the echo sounder and the speed log. They also supplied and fitted the electric pump for the ballast tanks. In each case the wires were left loose for me to couple up. You can view a photo gallery of how I have equipped Seatern and read more details here.

Note about Security! Most of the gear shown is removed when Seatern is moored at the jetty - please don't break in just to find there's nothing worth stealing! [read more about security]

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