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July 2014: Summer's here!
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Nearly summer holidays and the waters are more crowded! Rather than do over-night trips I've chosen to do a few longer day sails getting used to how Seatern handles in different weathers. During the month I've been learning a lot about sailing a cruising boat rather than a racing dinghy!

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2nd July 2014
Southampton Water sail (~13nm)  [diary entry]
3rd July 2014
Strengthen Boom Gallows  [Seatern Notes]
6th July 2014 to
8th July 2014
New Jack Stay arrangement  [Seatern Notes]
8th July 2014
Alum Bay in the rain (~49nm)  [diary entry]
16th July 2014
Southampton Water with Robin (~15nm)  [diary entry]
21st July 2014
Round Shingles Bank (~55nm)  [diary entry]
23rd July 2014
Western Docks (~12nm)  [diary entry]
27th July 2014
Mainsheet track + Seatern from the water  [Seatern Notes]
31st July 2014
Bembridge Ledges (~44nm)  [diary entry]

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