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May 2014: New Outboard!
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The month started at anchor! I worry about anchoring - not that so much it's going to drag but that I won't get it up again... there are lots of old mooring chains on the Itchen riverbed! I'm using a 6kg Kobra with 10m of 7mm chain and 30m of 10mm nylon warp - it just fits in the locker. My kedge is a 1.9kg FX7 Fortress anchor in the cockpit locker.

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3rd May 2014
Torqeedo Outboard trouble - a day at anchor! (~4nm)  [diary entry]
5th May 2014
Torqeedo Outboard repairs  [Seatern Notes]
5th May 2014
Viewing Chessel Bay at low tide  [diary entry]
12th May 2014 to
15th May 2014
New Outboard and Chart Table  [Seatern Notes]
15th May 2014 to
16th May 2014
Dressed Overall  [diary entry]
17th May 2014
Buying Petrol  [Seatern Notes]
18th May 2014
Tohatsu O/b test - motoring up Itchen (~4nm)  [diary entry]
19th May 2014
Running in Tohatsu - motor to IoW, sail back (~26nm)  [diary entry]
21st May 2014
Foggy Morning  [diary entry]
31st May 2014
Tohatsu at speed on Southampton Water! (~12nm)  [diary entry]

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