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September 2012 - June 2013
Choosing a BC20
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This section of the Seatern Diaries covers the period in which I chose a BayCruiser 20 as the boat I wanted, and influences which defined the specific details of Seatern. While Seatern was ordered in October 2012, the actual build did not start until May 2013. At the time I placed the order, Sigma Six (pictured) was the only BC20 I'd actually seen.

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September 2012
October 2012

Choosing a Boat!
I'd thought about buying a cruising yacht for quite a long time but I wanted to find one that I would be sure to use - two many boats are hardly ever used. This photo album illustrates the criteria which led me to choose a Baycruiser 20. The process started at the Southampton Boat show when I looked at the cabin variant of the Hawk 20.
23th Oct 2012
24th Oct 2012

I bought a Boat!
Click on Thumbnail I drove to Gwbert on the 23rd October 2012, looked at the BC20 Sigma Six, and discussed the boat with Matt Newland. I stayed overnight at the Cliff Hotel (to "sleep on it") and in the morning placed the order for Seatern. Unfortunately Swallow Boats had just had a successful Southampton Boat Show with a number of new orders so Matt warned me that the boat would probably not be completed until late summer 2013, however I should have it for the end of that season. The photo shows the Teifi Estuary from the Hotel.
17th March 2013

Daisy Grace
Click on Thumbnail Visited Julian Swindell to look at BC20 no.1 "Daisy Grace". The photo is from his web site which is an invaluable source of information for anyone thinking of buying a BayCruiser (or having one built!). The visit convinced me that I wanted a full height bulkhead fitted across the port side of the cabin, similar to the one Julian has built. I am also going to have a boom gallows similar to his as part of the mast lowering arrangement.
30th May 2013
1st June 2013

a Dorset trip
Having heard I was having a boat built, John Green who also lives in Priory Road, phoned to see if I wanted to do a trip crewing on his Moody 33. I was pleased to have an unexpected sail, and the trip influenced my choice of instrumentation to fit on Seatern. (photo album).

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