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January/February 2017 - Winter Days
Click on Thumbnail January has started bright but cold with overnight temperatures dipping below 0°C and day time temperatures into single figures. Weather in February was fairly nondescript with single figure temperatures but little in the way of rain or gales. We had one or two occasions when the tide+surge looked likely to top 5m but 5.2m seemed the limit - close to the 5.4 threshold at which a flood alert is triggered. Around mid-Feb I got conjunctivitis and that together with various health checks, etc. removed any enthusiasm for tasks on Seatern!

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17th Jan.
Outboard Tests  [diary entry]
23rd - 24th Jan
Outboard Serviced: Took Dai in for servicing at the Rib Shop, asked them to improve the slow running characteristics.
4th Feb
Ship Wrecks! plus refitted Dai  [diary entry]
11th Feb

Dinghy Missing!
Click on Thumbnail The dinghy moored to Jo's jetty using luggage straps was no longer there this morning. Unless the owners have removed it, I assume that the straps demonstrated why nobody uses them for mooring, and the dinghy has floated away. Normally it would be visible somewhere along the shore but the winds were northerly last night so it will have drifted out into the river and away!

25th Feb

Wot No Wind!
Click on Thumbnail I slept on Seatern last night and this morning woke to hear the wind blowing through the rigging but the anemometer showing zero. Yesterday we had storm "Doris" which was not that strong here in the south but which seems to have been the last straw for one of the anemometer cups. I've ordered a replacement at £14.50 - NASA spares really are sensibly priced!

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