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April 2014: Getting braver!
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I don't know if it's the 18.5 year tidal cycle, but some of the neaps really are neap at the moment! Not much time to use Seatern on a single neap tide. However on 5th I made use of a neap tide for my first "two tide" sail.

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1st April 2014

Compass swinging
Click on Thumbnail A calm day so tried swinging the compass by sailing round in circles but couldn't get it to calibrate. Then found that NASA have changed the method and you are meant to motor on set bearings arranged at 45 degree intervals. Not very successful but the track plot is interesting! Probably need to do it again with two people on board. [Track: 2.1nm; duration: 1hr 44min!]
5th April 2014
First Neap Tide trip (~32nm)  [diary entry]
12th April 2014
Teak Seats!  [Seatern Notes]
15th April 2014
Netley Dome burn up! (~12nm)  [diary entry]
24th April 2014
Hoisted Spinnaker  [Seatern Notes]

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