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Photo Gallery Index 2016
This page lists for convenience the various photo albums which are used by the pages on the web site for sailing trips during 2016. Look at the corresponding diary entry for information about the trip.

Sailing Photos 2016
8th_April_2016    [Diary entry]
First Sail of 2016 - calm Soton water
14th_April_2016    [Diary entry]
Drifting to Pitts Deep!
27th_May_2016    [Diary entry]
No Mans Land with Hovercraft!
13th_June_2016    [Diary entry]
Hurst Point on a rainy day.
Greenbank_Hotel    [Diary entry]
Swallow Yachts Raid and Greenbank Hotel
27th June to 1st July: my My Swallow Yachts 2016 Raid photos
12th_July_2016    [Diary entry]
Pitts Deep again!
26th_July_2016    [Diary entry]
Newtown Harbour
26th_July_2016_Buoys    [Diary entry]
Some of the buoys during the trip
29th_July_2016    [Diary entry]
Hurst Point and Hurst Narrows
12th_August_2016    [Diary entry]
Cowes Week: Hurst again!

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