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September 2015:
Swallow Yacht Seatern!
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And Seatern looked at her image in the water and said "it's true! I'm a Yacht" (apologies to Danny Kaye). Hopefully yachts come with better weather!

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3rd Sept 2015
To Cowes and the Medina (34nm)  [diary entry]
11th Sept 2015
Seatern visits the Boat Show (14nm)  [diary entry]
12th Sept 2015

The Red Arrows visit Seatern

Click on Thumbnail ...or maybe it was the Boat Show! They've been scheduled to perform over Southampton Water before Click on Thumbnail but this was the first time that weather allowed.

[More photos from the jetty]

14th Sept 2015

I visit the Boat Show

Click on Thumbnail The morning started wet and windy and I prepared to visit the boat show in full foul weather gear! However the rain radar suggested it would not be too bad. Click on Thumbnail Despite the poor weather, Swallow Yacht's "stand" was busy but I had a quick chat with Matt and Nick Peters. I also touched base with John Claridge who is promoting the new Seafly, and visited the aquarium marquee set up by the School of Ocean and Earth Science, from the Oceanography Centre.

28th Sept 2015
Jib and Mizzen on Southampton Water (13nm)  [diary entry]

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