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Photo Gallery Index 2014
This page lists for convenience the various photo albums which are used by the pages on the web site for sailing trips during 2014. Look at the corresponding diary entry for information about the trip.

Sailing Photos 2014
8th_March_2014    [Diary entry]
My first first sail with Seatern (photos by Mike Payne)
16th_March_2014    [Diary entry]
A sail down the Itchen and across towards Hythe
5th_April_2014    [Diary entry]
My first two tide sail in which I reached Gilkicker Point
15th_April_2014    [Diary entry]
A windy sail to Netley Dome and back on the same tide.
19th_May_2014    [Diary entry]
Motored out to Osborne Bay (running in Tohatsu), sailed back
31st_May_2014    [Diary entry]
Running in the outboard at speed on Southampton Water.
3rd_June_2014    [Diary entry]
Two tide trip to the Beaulieu River entrance.
9th_June_2014    [Diary entry]
To Gull Island at the start of the Beaulieu River (first over-night trip).
10th_June_2014_pt_1    [Diary entry]
A trip under motor up the Beaulieu River.
10th_June_2014_pt_2    [Diary entry]
From the Beaulieu River back to Southampton.
24th_June_2014    [Diary entry]
Sailing out to No Mans Land Fort using the asymmetric, back under motor.
2nd_July_2014    [Diary entry]
With Jon in Southampton Water
8th_July_2014    [Diary entry]
First time out of the Solent - Alum Bay!
16th_July_2014    [Diary entry]
Photos during a sail on Southampton Water with Robin West
21st_July_2014    [Diary entry]
Past the Needles, round the Shingles, and N Channel back
23rd_July_2014    [Diary entry]
Sailing past Western Docks towards the Container Port
31st_July_2014    [Diary entry]
Out to Bembridge Ledges and back
7th_August_2014    [Diary entry]
With Jon using asymmetric to Ryde
15th_August_2014    [Diary entry]
With Robin along Western Docks and watching cruise ships
19th_August_2014    [Diary entry]
To the Needles Fairway Buoy and back at over 9 kts for a time!
4th_September_2014    [Diary entry]
To the other side of the Needles (the diary entry has video)
18th_September_2014    [Diary entry]
To the Needles with Jon and the Waverley!
25th_October_2014    [Diary entry]
To Hamble Spit plus Ben Ainslie Racing!
30th_October_2014    [Diary entry]
Becalmed at Bald Head, then following TS Royalist home
29th_November_2014    [Diary entry]
To Newtown River for lunch
29th_December_2014    [Diary entry]
Up Hamble River in the cold!

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