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May 2015:
Is this Spring?!
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By May I hoped to be doing more sailing but the weather remained unsettled: on the 5th May we had a gale on the river (see photo). The unsettled weather continued during the month. When the weather improved I hadn't anticipated that a very minor operation would keep me off the water waiting for the wound to heal.

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5th to 8th May
Tiller Extension, Anchor Strakes, and Forward Hold!  [Seatern Notes]
12th May 2015
Windy sail to Hurst Point (48nm)  [diary entry]
19th May to
26th May
Banned from Sailing - Wind Plots plus retail therapy!  [diary entry]
26th May to
1st June
Still banned - still poor weather - low tides!  [diary entry]
2nd June

The Physics of Apparent Wind

Click on Thumbnail While not being allowed to do physical tasks, I've taken the opportunity to rework my discussion of "The Physics of Apparent Wind" which was prompted by a thread on the Swallow Boats Association Forum. It includes converting from apparent to true wind, properties of the apparent wind, and limitations on sailing faster than the wind! [pdf version - 900kb]

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