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NCI Watches etc. - 2015
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This is a summary record of my NCI watch keeping periods and other NCI activities kept for my own records. Watches which also have a entry in the main diary pages or have a photo album are marked with the symbol.

Summary of NCI Watches and other activities
(the index to people is password protected)
4th Oct
1 Watch (16 -20) (as AW) with BR  [see 4th Oct diary entry]
11th Oct
2 Watch (12 -16) (as AW) with PC  [see 11th Oct diary entry]
18th Oct
3 Watch (12 - 16) (as AW) with KB and ?  [photo album]
20th Oct
4 Watch (16 - 20) (as AW) with JB, BC, TM  [photo album]
30th Oct
Meeting with Alistair Palmer at Calshot Activities Centre  [see 28th Oct diary entry]
31st Oct
First NCI watch keeper training at Scout Hut, Dibden Purlieu (0915 - 1230) with RV, TM, VJ, DB, PB
7th Nov
5 Watch (08 - 11) (as Tr) with RT, JW
15th Nov
6 Watch (11-14) with GC  [photo]
16th Nov
7 Watch (08-11) with JA, I opened Station
21st Nov
8 Watch (14-17) with WM, strong northerly blowing  [photo album]
22nd Nov
9 Watch (14-17) with IH,HC, lone paddler took sit-upon to Gurnard and back!
26th Nov
10 Watch (11-14) with TJ,ET  [2 photos]
28th Nov
Second NCI watch keeper training (0915 - 1230) - chartwork
5th Dec
11 Watch (11-14) with DW, RV; windy, large tanker swung at Esso, yacht aground briefly at Hamble  [2 photos]
11th Dec
12 Watch (11-14) with KB, SC; fairly calm and quiet; BAR capsized off Ryde, couldn't see them!
15th Dec
13 Watch (11-14) with JDA, SB; generally quiet watch  [2 photos]
26th Dec
14 Watch (14-17) with PeB; Boxing Day, quiet, I had cold

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