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March/April 2016: Season begins...?
Mobile westerly condition continued into March and on the 9th a secondary depression gave cause for flooding concern in Priory Road, but didn't deepen enough. Only by the 2nd week has high pressure arrived and it's time to get the sails back on Seatern. However there was a cold easterly wind and single figure temperatures continued into April so mainly I did some maintenance on Seatern. However sailing did start mid-month although after that the weather got cold again! Click on Thumbnail

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14th March

Solent Breezes walk
Click on Thumbnail [a walk which was not written up at the time] I parked at Woolston and walked to Solent Breezes which meant that I'd walked the beach from Lee on Solent to the Hamble - all visible from Calshot Tower. [photos from the day]

15th March
Put the sails back on Seatern  [diary entry]
17th March
Boracoling(!) Seatern's teak  [Seatern Notes]
20th to
25th March
Seatern Spring Clean  [diary entry]
29th Mar to
6th April
NCI Calshot web site  [NCI Notes]
8th April
First Sail of 2016! (~9nm)  [diary entry]
10th April
Interesting Watch at Calshot  [NCI Notes]
14th April
Drifting to Pitts Deep! (~36nm)  [diary entry]

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