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May/June 2016: Not much sailing so far
The weather improved at the start of May but I had stitches in my ear and devoted my time to the Model Boat club web site which I am converting to WordPress. The impoved weather didn't last and, by the end of June we were still waiting for summer to start! The photo shows me working out a bearing for the lifeboat during the exercise on the 22nd May. Click on Thumbnail

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3rd May to
21st May
Van Gogh does Web Site work  [diary entry]
13th May


Click on Thumbnail Early in the morning the firework store (across the River from where I live and on the approaches to Northam Bridge) caught fire. It was quite spectacular even from so far away. It caused traffic chaos that day in Southampton. [more photos]

22nd May
RNLI Exercise at Calshot  [NCI Notes]
27th May
No Mans Land with Hovercraft! [~38nm]  [diary entry]
29th May
Jet Ski collision  [NCI Notes]
13th June
Hurst Point in the Rain [~49nm]  [diary entry]
27th June to
1st July
Swallow Yachts Raid  [diary entry]

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