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November/December 2015: Wet, windy, mild
November has started mild, very windy, and sometimes wet. On the 7th I was on watch in the NCI Calshot Tower as it swayed in the near gale winds. To prevent entries about the NCI dominating Seatern's Diaries from now on NCI work will be summarised, for my own records, on a separate page and only noted in the diary pages if there was something of interest, good photos, etc. Click on Thumbnail

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(from October 2015)
13th November
Pan 2000 heater maintenance  [Seatern Notes]
27th November
A wet and windy month  [diary entry]
7th - 12th Dec
New 'Mobile friendly' (?) web site format  [Seatern Notes]
13th December
To Hamble Jetty and back (12.3nm)  [diary entry]
23rd December

More gales
Took sails off again The sequence of westerly weather with mild temperatures and strong winds continues. A few hours pause today allowed me to take the main and mizzen off Seatern so she will sit better at the jetty. Strong winds and rain are forecast for tonight.

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