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September/October - Autumn already!
Click on Thumbnail I can't believe it's already September - must try to do some more sailing! However the month started off with a couple of National Coastwatch entries. I got in a couple of sailing trips but, typical of this year, the wind was too strong or too light! The Boat Show came towards the end of the September and I represented NCI there and at the Hamble Sea Safety Day. Then October just flew by. The weather was more settled but for various reasons I didn't get out sailing. However amongst other things, I did some useful modifications to my pontoon and arranged to charter a motor yacht, Seafin, for my 70th birthday next year - assuming I survive that long!

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3rd September
Hamble Harbour Sea Safety Day  [NCI Notes]
4th September

Kayak incident
Click on Thumbnail This had been a fairly routine watch until we heard a call on the VHF to the Coast Guard from a vessel worried about the progress of a kayak. Since the report contains information passed over VHF I've put it in the password protected area. It is available here. [photos from the day].
8th September
Windy Lepe (27nm)  [diary entry]
13th to
14th Sept
Flood Protection Maintenance  [diary entry]
16th September
National Coastwatch Stand at the Boat Show  [NCI Notes]
19th September

Southampton Boat Show
Click on Thumbnail Monday is usually a "quiet" day at the Boat Show so I went along to buy some new sailing boots and also to look at, and possibly buy, an LED flare. Based on a PBO review I expected to buy an Odeo Mk 3 flare but ended up with a "RescueMe EDF1" on the grounds that it was smaller, brighter and cheaper. Hopefully it will be a complete waste of money!
23rd September
Calshot and Boat Show (21nm)  [diary entry]
24th September
Boat Show again  [diary entry]
3rd to
7th October
Pontoon modifications  [diary entry]
16th October
How not to moor a Speedboat  [diary entry]
18th October

Chartered Seafin
Click on Thumbnail Went to Port Hamble and agreed to charter Seafin for my 70th Birthday. I'd first seen her from Calshot Tower and passed me on the 8th September when I was motoring near the Beaulieu River entrance. It's a bit presumptuous since it assumes I survive until October next year, however I wanted to be sure of reserving the date.
31st October
Up river in SeaOsprey  [diary entry]

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