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August 2015:
Look no Seatern!
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August starts with Seatern back at Swallow Boats for new paint work and repairs to her stem. It ends with a gleaming Seatern "Yacht" and less than gleaming weather!

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= Diary/Sailing Log entry
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1st to
19th August
Life without Seatern  [diary entry]
18th August
Top of Mast  [Seatern Notes]
19th August
Itchen Bore  [Seatern Notes]
20th to
21st August
Seatern returns as a Yacht!  [diary entry]
22nd August
Seatern has a new waterline  [Seatern Notes]
24th to 28th Aug

Not sailing weather
Click on Thumbnail I needn't have rushed to get Seatern back from Swallow Yachts! There has been a trailing weather front over the country all week with gales and occasional torrential rain storms. The photo was taken on the Wednesday when I was supposed to be taking some friends sailing. I'd actually cancelled due to the wind strength, it was a good decsiion!

30th August

Itchen Incident

Click on Thumbnail Someone reported a person in the water near Cobden bridge... we had the Coastguard helicopter, the two RNLI lifeboats from Calshot, the Harbour Master, and a Police Rib all searching the local part of the Itchen. Click on Thumbnail Nothing was found; either it was a hoax or, more probably, a youth swimming off Riverside Park. Seemed amazing that the RNLI came from Calshot given all the local boats on the river.

[more photos of the incident]

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