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July 2017 - still not settled
Click on Thumbnail July started with the Swallow Yachts Raid for which the weather this year was good. I then spent some time getting the Seafly back at last to a usable condition. While there were some hot days the weather never settled and low pressure often dominated.

At the end of the month fronts were bringing rain to the south coast and the inshore forecast mentioned gales!

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6th July
Swallow Yachts Raid 2017Click on Thumbnail Just returned from a great time down in Falmouth. Sunnier, if less windy, weather this year. Expected to be manning one of the ribs but on the Tuesday ended up sailing with Matt in Go Lightly. It took quite a bit of time sorting out the photos but by the 11th July I got my comments on the raid and photo albums available at
8th July
Seafly work Having got back from the Raid on Thursday, on Saturday 8th July (after the British Lions Test in NZ) I careened the Seafly, refitted the newly painted centreboard, and cleaned down the bottom of the hull again. I also checked the buoyancy tanks which were reassuringly dry. Lubricating the hatch o-rings really does work!
13th July
More Seafly work After quite a drought it rained on the 12th and I took the opportunity to clean the cockpit and decks of the Seafly. On the 13th I fixed the rubber fender on bits of the gunwhale where it was coming loose. I cleaned the surfaces with a sander and then used epoxy followed by replacing the small through bolts where they were missing.
17th July
MBA samplingClick on Thumbnail I took two scientists from the Marine Biological Association out on the River Itchen to allow them to sample various moored buoys and other sites for marine growth. Some photos taken in preparation for this trip are at
18th July
To the Needles (50nm)  [diary entry]
27th July
July WeatherClick on Thumbnail Click on Thumbnail Low pressure is dominating the weather. I was hoping to go out on Seatern either today (Thursday) or tomorrow but the winds are force 6 occasionally 7, while later tomorrow force 8 is promised - together with rain!
28th July
Seafly boarding ladderClick on Thumbnail The windy weather has spurred me into getting the Seafly back sailing. However a worry is whether I'm still capable of getting back into it from the water once righted from a capsize. In fact I've only capsized the Seafly once on the river when the wind squall round the flats opposite simply blew me over! I found a transom ladder sold by Force 4 that might fit. At the Raid I'd been presented with a Force 4 voucher so I used that in part payment for the ladder and fitted it today. I don't think it will restrict the rudder too badly; how often the mainsheet catches on it remains to be seen... and I've yet to test using it!
31st July
To USS George Bush and Bembridge (42nm)  [diary entry]

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