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June 2017 - windy then hot
Click on Thumbnail The first week in June was very windy with "unseasonable" lows bringing gale warnings. Then the weather turned warm to hot, then to very hot. I didn't fancy being becalmed in the hot sun and stayed ashore. The last week of June it rained with a stationary low sitting over the country. How will July be?

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11th June

OMRA at Calshot
Click on Thumbnail The Offshore Model racing Association were having their annual meeting at Calshot and I took some photos before going on watch. [photos from the day]

14th June

Seawork exhibition
Click on Thumbnail Had an interesting morning visiting the Seawork Exhibition in Mayflower Park. I'd gone to look at the Skylift 3000 which I'd seen passing Calshot on the Saturday; 3000 means it can lift 3000T! However there was lots of other interesting stuff. [photos]

15th June
Motor and sail to Bucklers Hard - out  [diary entry]
15th June
Motor and sail to Bucklers Hard - back  [diary entry]
24th to
29th June
Seafly Centreboard and Seatern battery  [diary entry]

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