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November/December 2014: Winter already?
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November started with rain and wind and stayed damp; December looks like picking up on the windy theme; Seatern has been spending her days at the Jetty!

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9th Nov to
10th Nov 2014
Seatern has a Funnel... well a chimney!  [Seatern Notes]
29th Nov
Newtown River for lunch (34nm)  [diary entry]
12th Nov to
8th Dec
The Cabin Heater evolves!  [Seatern Notes]
9th Dec

Storm coming...

Click on Thumbnail There's some rough weather on the charts for the night of Thursday into Friday and with a possible gale tonight I've taken the boom (with sail bag) and the mizzen mast off Seatern and stored them in the shed. Put an extra rope on the furled jib for tonight and will probably take the jib off tomorrow.

13th Dec 2014
Final Cabin Heater plus Stern Nav Light  [Seatern Notes]
19th Dec 2014

Seatern is one year old!

Click on Thumbnail Seatern was delivered to Priory Road Hard by Matt one year ago today! During the year she has sailed or motored a total of 733 nautical miles. In general I've been very happy with the choices I made in equipping Seatern, here are my comments after the first year.

27th Dec 2014

A northerly gale!

Click on Thumbnail I'd originally planned to go sailing on Christmas Day but the tide was a bit late in the day and bad weather was forecast for Boxing Day if I missed the tide. Slept on board Boxing day night and woke up at 0130 on the 27th as Seatern began to float. The wind was howling but there was no sound of waves which puzzled me at first - it is so rare to get a gale straight off the shore. Despite the shelter of the buildings, Seatern was catching violent gusts. I lowered and lashed the sprayhood and doubled the stern line - the 8mm 3-strand nylon looked very thin compared to the two 12mm lines I have on the bow.

29th Dec 2014
A trip up the Hamble (22nm)  [diary entry]

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