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November/December - Early Winter
Click on Thumbnail October was mild but November started cold and with a canoe trip to Ocean Village! The rest of the month was either cold or wet and we had the first gales and flood alert. I decided to take the sails off early this year. With the short days in the past I've left the sails on but done few trips. It seems more sensible to keep them out of the weather.

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2nd November
SeaOsprey to Ocean Village  [diary entry]
16th November

Speedboat has sunk
Click on Thumbnail I mentioned the badly moored speedboat on Jo's jetty on 12th October. Today it was hanging by its own mooring line. I assumed it would float on the tide but when I came back later that morning it had sunk. Sad, but they had been warned again and again but not moved it to the safer location. Their little dinghy is upside down too! [photos of the event]
16th November

To Woodmill in SeaOsprey
Click on Thumbnail Since it was a sunny day I thought about taking the sails off Seatern but decided to go up the river in my canoe, SeaOsprey. Although still in the city there are places where it feels like the wilds! Here are some photos.
17th to
18th Nov
Sails off and mast drainage  [diary entry]
20th Nov.
First Gale and Storm Surge  [diary entry]
21st Nov.
Jetty Repairs!  [diary entry]
29th Nov.

SeaOsprey meets a Deer!
Click on Thumbnail A cold, clear, sunny morning so I motored up the river in SeaOsprey. Four of the black swan family at Saltmead. Then, just past the University boat compound on the way back, several iof what I have been told are Roe deer on the wooded river bank. First time I've seen deer right in Southampton. Finally, while having lunch on the jetty, a kingfisher landed for a moment before seeing me and flighing on.  [photos from the day]
8th Dec.
Ran up Dai for a period to circulate oil etc.
30th Dec

SeaOsprey - misty river!
Click on Thumbnail A cold morning and I put on my X4 for a trip up the river in SeaOsprey. There was still ice on the hull as I launched her. But the sun was out and there was a beautiful fine mist over the water. On the way back I met craig and Penny on paddle boards with their young ones (I assume) in two canoes. The next couple of days the river was shrouded in fog. [photos from the day]

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