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March-April 2015: First Sail of the Year!
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At the start of March the weather has been unsettled and I've caught a cold... roll on spring! However I managed to get at least one trip in before Easter.

Key: = Equipment Notes, etc.
(Possibly of general interest)
= Diary/Sailing Log entry
(Of interest to me!)
3rd to 8th March
Indoors with a cold!  [diary entry]
10th March
Seatern has a gear lever!  [Seatern Notes]
16th to 18th March

To Chichester Harbour (69nm)
At last some settled weather, so I decided to sail to Chichester Harbour - although the tides were not ideal! Unfortunately I needed to be back for a flood meeting on the Thursday.

Monday: To Chichester Harbour (31nm)  [diary entry]
Tuesday: In Chichester Harbour (9.5nm)  [diary entry]
Wednesday: From Chichester Harbour (28nm)  [diary entry]
23rd March to
8th April
TLC for the Seafly... including hatch refurbs!  [diary entry]
23rd April
To No Mans Land Fort (38nm)  [diary entry]
26th to 28th April
Outboard Gear Lever, anchor strake, etc.  [Seatern Notes]

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