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January/February 2016: Static Seatern!
The weather at the start of January continued to be mobile windy westerlies and this continued into February. Seatern remained at the jetty fulfilling her role as a static caravan but not sailing the ocean! Meanwhile I came to the end of my NCI Watch Keeper training at Calshot Tower. The last class room session was at the end of January, and I qualified as a Watchkeeper in early February. Click on Thumbnail

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12th Jan 2016

Facing Reality!
I've finally decided to give up on the weather! The main sail, main boom, and mizzen have been off Seatern since just before Christmas and it seems silly to leave the jib exposed to the weather. Yesterday there was a chance to unfurl it so I let it dry and then took it to join the other sails in the shed. Today I booked the outboard in to be serviced next Wednesday and used the high tide to dismount the motor. The future weather looks calmer but colder; role on spring!
20th Jan 2016

Outboard service
Yesterday afternoon I took the outboard ("Dai") to the Rib Shop for an annual service. Last night I slept on Seatern and woke to a beautiful but very cold morning. The jetty weather station said -5C. The dehumidifier keeps it a bit warmer in the cabin but it was probably about 1C. Still the Pan2000 cabin heater quickly warms the cabin up provided I've slept with a butane cartridge in my sleeping bag!
6th Feb 2016

Watch Keeper
Click on Thumbnail On Saturday 6th February I qualified as an NCI Watch Keeper! After picking up my ID card, epaulettes etc. on the following Tuesday Click on Thumbnail I went walking at Lepe Country Park. I was amazed at the strength of the ebb current off Stansore Point (right). It wasn't as if it was at the top of the spring tides either.

9th Feb 2016
Storm Imogen (8th Feb)  [diary entry]
16th Feb 2016
Walk to the House (Red Roof)  [diary entry]
29th Feb 2016

Solent Breezes
Click on Thumbnail Click on Thumbnail I parked at Titchfield Haven in order to walk along the beach to the Solent Breezes holiday park. There were many geese near the house (red roof). From Solent Breezes it is about 1nm across the water to Calshot.

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